Any question?

Why only Counter-Strike?

We wanted to add more games at first, but we never had neither time nor resources to do so... But we keep that in mind for one day maybe!

Why don't you propose this one marketplace?

We're sure that this service is super great, but we cannot include every marketplace that exists. But maybe if you are numerous enough to suggest this, we'll have a look one day or another!

The price you showed was not right!

Even though we aim for real-time pricing updates, we are technically not able to do so at the moment; which is why you may notice inconsistencies between the prices we show and the effective prices in the marketplaces.

Are you related to this or that marketplace?

No, we're not, LionSkins is independent. However, the Bitskins and Skinbaron links are affiliated, and we receive a commission if you buy on these marketplaces after using one of our links.

Can I suggest you something?

We'd love to hear about your ideas so that we make LionSkins better! Drop us a message from the contact form.